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Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as COVID-19 symptoms worsen.

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The EARN IT Act would curtail Internet users’ speech and jeopardize their security. It would also violate the First and Fourth Amendments.

Made my project list for the week:

Thurs/Fri- laying out my patio garden design.

Sat- fixing my downstairs toilet.

Sun- finally getting my HAM base station set up. Had to slip my tech fix in at the end. :)


A friend of a friend is printing 3-D masks. Here is a link to his fundraising campaign. Note- I am in no way implying that these masks are surgical N95 quality. I think if there are masks made widely available to the general public for everyday use that it might discourage people who don't have an urgent need for N95 masks from buying/hording them and keeping the supply line open for the first responders/high-risk individuals that need them.

Working from home has allowed me the time to work through my record pile. Getting hyped for a WebEx call. 😂

Punk Rock Night live feed starting again soon. I am so glad that Greg is doing this while everyone is sheltering in place. It is fun to pop in and out of the feed between emails.

And here are some Mobile apps to download in order to reach the site from your phone:

Welcome new members of the instance, if you want to find other instances with other users to follow, here is a good directory site:

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Never let the Corporatocracy shame you for being more self-reliant.

Today seems like as good of a day as any to get my basement cleaned so that I can finally build my workbench.

Allow me a moment of brief self-centered whining: I will understand if it happens but I really hope that DEFCON doesn’t get cancelled this year. Obviously, I don’t want to attend if this stuff is still going on and I hope organizers do the right thing to keep everyone safe based on the known facts in a few months but it is literally the last event left on my calendar this year that hasn’t gotten ruined by this pandemic. Things could be worse and I still have a roof over my head but this sucks.

I really wish that it wasn't under these conditions but I am loving all the creativity that I am seeing out of all of my friends online as people are sheltering in place. My social media feeds are filled with music, storytelling, podcasts, live streams, dance routines, dog name it. I would never wish this situation on us and I know people are hurting right now in very real ways but you all are making this easier on everybody. Thank you. We will get through this...

No Duties Owed

A place for No-Coast punks, metalheads, hackers, phreakers, anti-authoritarians, free-thinkers, queers, misfits and other miscreants to congregate. Based in the Arkham of the Midwest: Irvington. Keep the east side weird.