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Back on my 1990s industrial bullshit, listening to old Wax Trax records and listening to a podcast about going bankless.

DEF CON cancelled. I know it was the right decision but...damn.

c19, education bureaucracy 

@Anarkat my favorite prof in grad school was retiring that year and just raked the school administration and chancellor over the coals daily.

Surveillance capitalists, Lord of the Rings

that name was already taken by Fireeye. 😂


Boris Johnson moved to intensive care as COVID-19 symptoms worsen.

@punkrocknight - didn't do it at DEFCON. i just bought the manual and then took the exam in kokomo. I'll send you a pic when I get it set up. Trying to figure out a way to run a coaxial cable out of the side of my house in order to put an antenna on my flat rubber roof (without creating a hole for water to get in).

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The EARN IT Act would curtail Internet users’ speech and jeopardize their security. It would also violate the First and Fourth Amendments.

Made my project list for the week:

Thurs/Fri- laying out my patio garden design.

Sat- fixing my downstairs toilet.

Sun- finally getting my HAM base station set up. Had to slip my tech fix in at the end. :)


A friend of a friend is printing 3-D masks. Here is a link to his fundraising campaign. Note- I am in no way implying that these masks are surgical N95 quality. I think if there are masks made widely available to the general public for everyday use that it might discourage people who don't have an urgent need for N95 masks from buying/hording them and keeping the supply line open for the first responders/high-risk individuals that need them.

Working from home has allowed me the time to work through my record pile. Getting hyped for a WebEx call. 😂

Punk Rock Night live feed starting again soon. I am so glad that Greg is doing this while everyone is sheltering in place. It is fun to pop in and out of the feed between emails.

@dino - not yet. My attendance is now in doubt as a proverbial atomic bomb has been dropped on our budget for the year.

And here are some Mobile apps to download in order to reach the site from your phone:

@punkrocknight - yeah, I have already reserved my hotel (but not bought my plane tickets yet). Going to have to think long and hard about it and will probably make the final call around June 1st.

Welcome new members of the instance, if you want to find other instances with other users to follow, here is a good directory site:

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Never let the Corporatocracy shame you for being more self-reliant.

Today seems like as good of a day as any to get my basement cleaned so that I can finally build my workbench.

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