Made my project list for the week:

Thurs/Fri- laying out my patio garden design.

Sat- fixing my downstairs toilet.

Sun- finally getting my HAM base station set up. Had to slip my tech fix in at the end. :)

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@heartsfail pics of the HAM setup please.... Did you get your license at Defcon?

@punkrocknight - didn't do it at DEFCON. i just bought the manual and then took the exam in kokomo. I'll send you a pic when I get it set up. Trying to figure out a way to run a coaxial cable out of the side of my house in order to put an antenna on my flat rubber roof (without creating a hole for water to get in).

@heartsfail nice. Im doing about the same. Setup a sewing and studding room, office, have 3 garden beds in. Just using this time to put everything away!

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