Allow me a moment of brief self-centered whining: I will understand if it happens but I really hope that DEFCON doesn’t get cancelled this year. Obviously, I don’t want to attend if this stuff is still going on and I hope organizers do the right thing to keep everyone safe based on the known facts in a few months but it is literally the last event left on my calendar this year that hasn’t gotten ruined by this pandemic. Things could be worse and I still have a roof over my head but this sucks.

@heartsfail IDK that I am going to DEFCON even if it does happen. Hordes of people now weird me out.

@punkrocknight - yeah, I have already reserved my hotel (but not bought my plane tickets yet). Going to have to think long and hard about it and will probably make the final call around June 1st.

@heartsfail Has Microsoft announced anything about canceling Ignite this year?

@dino - not yet. My attendance is now in doubt as a proverbial atomic bomb has been dropped on our budget for the year.

@heartsfail - same. If I’m still employed by the same company this summer, the budget for Ignite will definitely not exist.

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