I had almost completely forgotten that Andrew Cuomo was the primary person responsible for dealing Usenet a death blow by getting the big three major Internet service providers at the time to essentially kill access to it.

Damn, looks like Fry’s is finally done nationwide as of midnight according to store employees.

Bigger Texas controversy: Ted Cruz potentially bolting to Mexico while his constituents froze or when Cookie served salsa made in New York City during the great cattle drive of 1895?

Browsed over to the spacehey.com site just to check it out for nostalgia purposes. Saw that it didn't even have an SSL cert associated with the domain, moved on...

Rolling into my eighth hour of Commercial Paper homework for the week, I'm beginning to regret going back to law school to knock out my LLM/research doctorate. Should have just been satisfied with the law degree. It would be nice to see the beings that live in the house with me at some point.

Ruining Gordon Gecko's day is one thing, scaring the hell out of every board of directors that they could be next is a level up.

(the company chosen would have to be small enough to make a difference of course and it would have to be a very strategic buy...many companies are structured with different classes of stock so that this would not make a difference. i am just saying that done right, a message could be sent).

Concerning the wallstreetbets/gamestop/reddit situation: now imagine what would happen if folks got together in a targeted way and bought stocks in one company to act as a focused "activist investor". Force shareholder votes on exec compensation, disinvestment, board makeup, diversity, lobbying, etc.

Super out of left field question, does anyone here have Estonian E-Residency? Then a follow up: why did you do it? And any drawbacks that noobs should avoid?

Huh, I am surprised Trump’s 4D chess strategy of telling his base to stay home in Georgia, attacking the Georgia GOP as traitors, then calling for voters to turn out a few days before polls open for an “obviously rigged” election while simultaneously advocating for a coup didn’t bear more fruit. 😂

Something I don’t understand about defi in general...how is any crypto debit card on the Visa network “bankless”? Yes, you are paying ostensibly with crypto but each card is still issued by a bank (even if said bank lets someone privately label their card to call it something hip, the issuing bank is still found in the fine print of every card I have seen). Am i missing something here? I get crypto direct transfer to a wallet but using a debit card is de facto not “bankless”. Am I mistaken?

I have no illusion that you'd actually collect $375M. They'd just declare bankruptcy but it would be fun to burn the whole thing down.

So if Parler *did* get hacked (which is still unconfirmed as best as I can tell) and if they didn't actually delete those driver's license scans after verification like they said that they were going to....then someone has a hell of a lawsuit under the Drivers Privacy Protection Act. The minimum per violation in liquidated damages is $2500 per DLN. If just 10% of Parler's purported 1.5M userbase verified their accounts, that's $375M plus attorney's fees. Victims: hit me up, haha. :)

E.g.- Privacy Zuckering, Bad Default, Forced Registrations, Hidden Stipulations, Immortal Accounts, Address Book Leeching, Shadow Profiles and Information Milking...all "dark patterns" regulated and forbidden in most cases under the CPRA (if your for-profit company is large enough to fall under the scope of the legislation).

Now that the California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”) has passed, we are going to hear a lot about "dark patterns" in the next years. Web developers should be familiarizing themselves with this concept. (unless lobbyists find a way to kill it before Jan 1st, 2023 when it is supposed to come into effect or if it gets preempted by Federal law).

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4000 French Police Officers are identifiable with Facial Recognition capture-police.com/ @PaoloCirio@twitter.com

Back on my 1990s industrial bullshit, listening to old Wax Trax records and listening to a podcast about going bankless.

DEF CON cancelled. I know it was the right decision but...damn.

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