Okay, but my favorite thing in the world is seeing Conservative talking points used for good!

They say: State's Rights!
Then states say: Okay, legal weed!
They say: It's the free market, don't like it? VoTe WiTh YeR DoLLaRs!
Redditors say: TO THE MOOOOOON!!!!!!

Enjoy the incoming regulations Hedge Funders will INSIST on the govt putting on themselves now

My Beautiful Lefty Internet: Eat the Rich

Also My Beautiful Lefty Internet: Armie Hammer, a rich, wants to eat us?

ALSO My Beautiful Lefty Internet: Sit on me, stab me, and eat me Giant Vampire mommy!

Sometimes I love it here

When Conservatives talk about "Cancel Culture" it's SO obvious they don't know what they're talking about anymore than when they call everything to the left of hunting the proles for sport "Socialism"

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Deplatforming a sitting President has nothing to do with the 1st Amendment nor Free Speech. A platform is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.

Don't let ANY Republican gaslight you rite now that they've cynically, cowardly found their spines, not even Gabriel Sterling. Even if they are currently rebuking Trump, Republicans can still only get off if they're killing poor people, don't forget!

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